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#recomendo -  Download Original Angel Cards App

New! Angel Cards App :)

Novo Aplicativo para Iphone, Ipad e Itones


Order Angel® Cards App
We are thrilled to announce the birth of a new incarnation of the wonderful Angel Cards.
For the past year we've worked intensively with Mind and Soul Network in Holland, transforming the Original Angel Cards into a digital interactive Angel Cards App.
We're happy that they see this as a first step in the development of digital versions of Intuitive Solutions® and The Transformation Game®.
When the original deck of Angel Cards was first published in 1981 we were surprised that it gave birth to a whole new genre of angel divination decks. We had no idea that these tiny cards would touch the hearts of so many people worldwide.
Now through the virtual skills of the team at the Mind and Soul Network we can bring the uplifting and inspiring messages of the Angels to even more people. What a remarkable journey!
We hope you’ll go to the App Store* and download the Original Angel Cards App ($2.99)
Become a member of the Angel Cards Community Facebook Group that's attached to the App, share your daily Angels with friends, post them, gift them, you'll know what to do.  If you like the Angel Cards App please do let us know, and it would be lovely if you gave it a good review and rating in the App Store.
May the new Angel Cards App support you in moving forward in your life with openness and angelic assistance.
Let the Angels inspire you to continue to risk responses to life that are spontaneous, fresh, and enlivening. And, allow the Angels to guide you to act in congruence with your wholeness and integrity.
Our deepest wish for you is that you develop the ability to trust your intuition and live your life from the inside out.
Gratefully going with the flow,
Joy and Kathy
P.S. This first version of the Angel Cards App is in English for iOS, (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), only. In the next couple weeks, an update will include other languages such as Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Polish, Serbo-Croatian, Chinese and Japanese.
Download Original Angel Cards App


02 a 08 de julho de 2016

em Findhorn – ESCÓCIA

Celebrando 40 anos do Jogo da Transformação©

Será realizado na Comunidade De Findhorn (Escócia) onde o Jogo da Transformação o JOGO PLANETÁRIO com Joy Drake, Kathy Tyler, Mary Inglis, Judy McAllister.


The Planetary Game

Engaging with the Emerging Future

July 2 - 8


 2016 is the 40th anniversary of the Game of Transformation. Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler will be coming from the States to join Mary Inglis, Judy McAllister and a team of other guides in running this event.


Here is the purpose we will focus

In a spirit of partnership,

we intend

gracefully to stand in and contribute our authenticity and presence,

engaging with the world in creative and fulfilling ways,

and shaping and energising the emerging future


on and work with in this event:


·        The five Playing Areas have not yet been finalized, but will be up on the Findhorn Foundation website within the next couple of months. 


·        For more information about the Planetary Game, and to book, go to:


We do hope you will be able to join us for this special event! (em português)